Wikipedia describes search engine optimization (SEO) as the method of improving the size or superiority of traffic to a web site from search engines via "natural" or un-paid ("organic" or "algorithmic") search results as opposed to search engine marketing (SEM) which deals with paid inclusion. Examine of the expression "paid inclusion."  What they are referring to is "buying links and so on."  This is a novel observation.   If you pay to be in the Yahoo directory is that a "paid inclusion?"  Google is comparable a mom and dad telling their kid do not do what I do, do as I say! If you purchase Google ads for your website is that not a "paid inclusion?"


It has been understood that Blackhat SEO is mutually a falsehood and a truth.  Any person doing SEO will have to deal with this practice at some point.  Not to face the Blackhat SEO system is to live in denial.  The BH procedures nowadays are the grey and white hat techniques of tomorrow. It's an essential truth; innovations repeatedly occur inside the Blackhat community of SEOs.  These methods are studied, adapted, and finally adopted into conventional SEO.  The thing about the BLACKHAT WORLD is that these members are innovative and forward thinking.


It has been said many times that you ought to be familiar with SEO to appreciate how Google's algorithm can be compromised.  This is a good thing for countless reasons although for most it is vital for two reasons:


1.  You can get a decent understanding of your competition and how they get the "edge" on Google.

2.  You find information and techniques you can apply to advance in the Google search engine.


We are all aware that information is power.  What allot of people do not realize is that most Black Hat procedures are not Blackhat at all!   Blackhat is like a double edged sword.


A number of people believe that Blackhat SEO is for the weak.  They go to say Black Hatters are individuals you can't win the game and have to resolve to dishonesty. In my opinion, even if you don't choose to employ what a number of people call Black Hat SEO to advance your website it is beneficial know your competition and what they are doing.  That's only common sense. 


A number of White Hat purists go as far as claiming that buying aged domains that are expired is Blackhat SEO.  In a good business model purchasing old domains and reviving them makes perfect sense.  The age of the domain is valuable in Google's algorithm so you have a head start on your competition.  And what is the distinction if I want to sell my domain to somebody?  Going further, is Microsoft's Bing doing Blackhat by buying data and content from Yahoo?  All this begs the question; who makes the rules on the Internet? 


Fake news reports are often seen as Blackhat.  From a marketing strategy they are seen as brilliant.  This technique is done everyday by the media but it is never referred to as Blackhat!  Really, people throw around the term Blackhat SEO so much it has little meaning. 


The BLACKHAT WORLD of SEO is so much more than hacking, rogue bots, keyword stuffing and so on.  In reality, hacking is not actually seen as Blackhat by the Blackhat World.  The Blackhat World SEO is primarily centered on techniques to advance a website or how to make money online. 


Google and Whitehat SEO members would have you believe that automating software to help you in posting in your blogs for example, is Blackhat.  They are against any automated software devoted towards SEO.  Granted allot of software and scripts in the BLACKHAT WORLD  But you just can't paint the Blackhat World SEO with a broad brush.  There are so many methods you can employ that can aid your website ranking well in Google that are not from the Dark Side of the Blackhat World.  has been made to exploit Google.


If you go to any website that offers freelancing you will find numerous of Black Hat people from all over the globe.  They offer to submit your website to thousands of directories for pennies.  They tell you that all of these submissions are prepared by hand.  You have to read between the lines with claims like this. 


First, if you are foolish enough to fall for this, a thousand back links to your website will hoist a giant red flag for Google if it is completed in a brief period of time. Secondly, your website will increase in the SERPs but you will descend hard coming downward in a very quick time.  And, when you take a good look at your links and you will find they are from a paid directory and your anchor text is non existent.  This is the kind of practice I label Black Hat.


In spite of this, if you find a trustworthy individual to do this, who took time to get quality back links for you and did this over a month, then I would call it White Hat.  The goal is employ automated SEO software with restraint so your results seem to be organic or naturally produced.   Don't get greedy or stupid.


Here is one final illustration of automating software for twitter for scheduling and repeating tweets.  Automatically tweeting RSS feeds from yours or other blogs is all right as long as the Twitter account has a valid person attending it who tweets manually, as well.  Again, moderation is the key to making it look organic and natural. 


Here is a claim by White Hat people who have tons of cash for Google ads and have no perception of the heavy competition on the Internet nowadays.  "If your content is worth a damn you won't need to trick readers or bots with fake substance.  I invested time into the content and usability of my site and it's returned a 350% jump in my traffic last year. I'm getting links you can't begin to fake or even buy.  Make sites for people, not search engines."


This is great stuff for your "arm chair philosopher."  Fact is that you are competing against scores of Blackhat SEO savvy people who can have their site indexed in 3 days and have a position on the first page of Google in just 4 days! And the curious thing is most are not using Blackhat SEO to do this.  If you want to compete these days on the Internet and you want to be noticeable, you have to know the cutting edge of SEO.  You have to be aware of what hottest and innovative ways the BLACKHAT WORLD is doing in terms of SEO.



Now to set the record staright, here are some of the Black Hat SEO tactics along with other top Google searches used these days:


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